Gratitude Lately

It’s been a long time coming. Although my blog got away from me these past 6 or so months, I have still been searching for beauty, for gratitude, for fresh air to breathe deep each and every day. My short time in New Mexico has been the most transformative experience of my life. I am grateful from the hair on my head to the blood in my veins for the opportunity to study myself so that I may be open and present for those I will serve one day.

I’ve missed sharing…

These days I’m grateful for:

Love & Light ✨❤️✨ #hike #newmexico #nofilter #SimplySantaFe #nmoutdoors #nmgrammers

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One foot in front of the other on a sandy, sunny canyon path…

Head in the clouds 🌙 #SantaFe #newmexico #sunset #nmgrammers

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A reminder of precious life on Earth….

Stay warm today, Santa Feans ❄️ #SimplySantaFe #newmexico #winter

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Frosty winter morning designs…

Sunset Splendor #newmexico #sunset #nofilter

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New Mexico sunsets that knock me to the ground…

Warm ⬅️➡️ Cold #desert #winter #newmexico #hittheroad

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Hitting the open road without a plan…

I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart. #love #remember #newmexico #nmoutdoors

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The beautifully imperfect weight of love…

Adobe meets sky #santafe #newmexico #gratitude

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The contrast of earth and sky…

New perspectives of a familiar view…

What are you grateful for?



Gratitude Lately

These summer days I’m grateful for the little moments of growth, connection and joy. My nails seem to always have dirt under them and my eyes are always searching for beauty.

Here are snippets of the little things that make my life in New Mexico so full of gratitude…

IMG_2162No filter sunsets a stones-throw from our homeIMG_2182Cheery sunflowers 
IMG_2392Saint Francis de MintIMG_2183 Local raw goat milk and goat milk soapIMG_2209 Storm clouds through a sculpture at the community collegeIMG_2216Freshly harvested spinach & chardIMG_2130 My #1 sunset companionIMG_2357 Baby maters in the gardenIMG_2383 Ancient earthen structuresIMG_2123Mini radishes that taste just as goodIMG_2190 My 12-week summer practice for unblocking creativityIMG_2212 Waterfalls in the desert
IMG_2359Summer drawing class IMG_2346Luscious lettuceIMG_2394Homemade two-ingredient pb & b ice creamIMG_2389

Last, but not least, vibrant cacti blooms

Happy Summer to you and yours ❤

Picture Tour: Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

ian viewA few weeks ago we ventured off to Bandelier National Monument, about an hour northwest of Santa Fe. Bandelier is a preservation area for the homes and territories of the Ancestral Pueblo People. The Monument is huge, over 50 square miles of land and about 70% of it is wilderness, so during this visit Ian & I chose to investigate the 10,000-year-old Pueblo cavities carved into soft tuff.

caves 1DSC07812DSC07790caves 2DSC07804DSC07792DSC07795DSC07808deerDSC07818DSC07821DSC07822DSC07827

It was a memorable morning at Bandelier. I conquered my fear of climbing long ladders, saw a few snakes, dodged a thunderstorm, and got a nice New Mexico suntan. Looking forward to returning to the monument, this time to explore another part of the 70 miles worth of trails!

Gratitude Lately

The flora out west is AMAZING. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped to crouch down and take in the intricate details of desert flowers and plants here in Santa Fe. Here’s a snippet of some of the beauty I’ve noticed these days…

DSC07963IMG_1858IMG_1781IMG_1837IMG_1854IMG_1873IMG_1880DSC07965IMG_2027DSC07955DSC07956DSC07975DSC07966  DSC07973

Picture Tour: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

A few weekends ago Ian & I ventured off to explore Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. When I first moved to Santa Fe I remember new friends asking if I had been to the Tent Rocks. “Not yet…”, I feel like I answered a dozen times. Apparently it is a must-visit destination in New Mexico.

One sunny Saturday morning, Ian and I finally packed our bags and headed west.DSC07754

The U.S. Department of the Interior states, “The cone-shaped tent rock formations are the products of volcanic eruptions that occurred 6 to 7 million years ago and left pumice, ash, and tuff deposits over 1,000 feet thick. Tremendous explosions from the Jemez volcanic field spewed pyroclasts (rock fragments), while searing hot gases blasted down slopes in an incandescent avalanche called a “pyroclastic flow.”


“Over time, wind and water cut into these deposits, creating canyons and arroyos, scooping holes in the rock, and contouring the ends of small, inward ravines into smooth semi-circles.” U.S. Department of the InteriorDSC07746DSC07743DSC07757DSC07771

Tent Rocks is an adult playground. We loved navigating over, under, and through the amazing canyons, pausing for people to pass and taking in the layers before us. It truly is a special place to visit in New Mexico. Now, it’s your turn to adventure the monument!

Gratitude Lately

Holy Moly… how did I let 2 months fly by since my last post?!

I guess you could say life got busy and I drifted away from my blog. These days I’ve been digging in the dirt, spending time with friends, and looking to the sky with Ian. Oh yea, and I’m in a new quarter of grad school. Whew!

Here are some things I’m grateful for in this beautiful life…


Cemetery sunsets


Garden planning (I’m hooked!)


Views from above


Taproot Farm fresh eggs


West Virginia skies


Spring blossoms in Santa Fe


Sprouting succulents


Tent Rocks in New Mexico


Weather surprises


Cloud- shadowed mountains


Read books (quarter number 2= check!)


Banjo, the farm dog


Desert scenes


Color spectrums

& for my niece, Josephine, who was born TODAY.

A poem for you, Jo:

kate poem

Gratitude Lately

These days I’m thankful for…

IMG_1316Local donuts in delicious flavors (toasted coconut, lemon pistachio, lavender blueberry)IMG_1373 Sharing new knowledge IMG_1243Sunshine after snowIMG_1334 Community acupuncture on a sliding scaleIMG_1340 Farmer’s Market bountyIMG_1356Co-workers/ friends who don’t take life too seriouslyIMG_1345

SPICY Chimayo Red Powdered Chile

IMG_1370This man.

Oil painting with a palette knife (layers on layers!)IMG_1371A 5-minute walk to sunset views

Picture Tour: A Walk in the Park


At the beginning of the month we both turned 30. Since then, an internal shift has occurred. A movement in which we are intentionally pausing more in gratitude for this life, setting moments aside for exploration, and talking about what matters most.

There’s something wonderful and different about this next decade that we both are noticing and welcoming.

Taking a stroll through the snow this morning, hand-in-hand, was one of those moments when my heart was pulsing in love, my feet wanted to skip out of joy, and my eyes couldn’t believe the beauty surrounding.

Here are a few pictures of a snowy Santa Fe morning in our “backyard”…DSC07521DSC07503DSC07518DSC07496DSC07530DSC07506DSC07528DSC07532DSC07523DSC07525DSC07508DSC07493This guy has been hanging out in the tree by our window for the past 3 days…

Here he is the day before.

I love spotting him each morning and (occasionally) watching him eat his catch.

Gratitude Lately

These days I’m thankful for…IMG_1106A fresh coat of paint on my dear little dresserIMG_1083New Year’s Eve sunset glow through my front door windowIMG_1099A new collection of inspirational books to help me with PRACTICE

IMG_1076Chunks of oil paint on canvas that take forever to air dryIMG_1070Learning new skills (i.e. how to process dried cayenne peppers)IMG_1065Afternoon lightIMG_1142Baby pictures & new calendarsIMG_1058 Snow puffs against adobe wallsIMG_1138A 30th birthday soak in local mineral hot springs
IMG_1129White skies, quiet mornings IMG_1139Breakfast burritos smothered in red & green chile (too delicious to capture in focus)

Picture Tour: Christmas Eve Farolito Walk

This Christmas Eve we bundled up in layers upon layers (Ian wore 3 pairs of socks) and headed out with friends for Santa Fe’s annual Farolito Walk. Thousands of men, women, children and pups filled the streets on and around Canyon Road to sip hot cocoa (in our case, mulled vino), defrost by bonfires, and sing carols. We did our best to beat the crowds by ducking off into alleyways strung with lights and greenery and huddled under heat lamps outside fancy-pants restaurants.  It warmed my heart to see people snuggling close and rejoicing in song, smiles illuminated by bonfire glow. Here are some photos of our chilly evening…DSC07469










For me, Christmas is puzzling holiday. On the one hand, I love the chance to come together with friends and family to eat delicious meals, talk about life, and stay in our pajamas way too long. On the other hand, the way that Christmas has lost its meaning for so many because of societal pressures to give gifts (the better the gift(s), the more I love you?) makes my stomach churn. I feel shame on Christmas for not helping those who really need help and instead receiving gifts (most of the time, ones that I don’t need) just because it’s what you do on Christmas.

I want to explore in myself how I can find deeper meaning in this holiday. How can I give back to others while also being grateful for what I receive? What kind of lessons do I want to learn from Christmas and how do I want to teach my future children about gratitude and service?

My time so far in Santa Fe has pushed me to look deeper inside and question my own beliefs. Thank you for allowing me share my questions.

I hope you had a warm and relaxing holiday in a place that brings you joy.

Cheers to ringing in the new year with patience, willingness, and faith!