Gratitude Lately

These summer days I’m grateful for the little moments of growth, connection and joy. My nails seem to always have dirt under them and my eyes are always searching for beauty.

Here are snippets of the little things that make my life in New Mexico so full of gratitude…

IMG_2162No filter sunsets a stones-throw from our homeIMG_2182Cheery sunflowers 
IMG_2392Saint Francis de MintIMG_2183 Local raw goat milk and goat milk soapIMG_2209 Storm clouds through a sculpture at the community collegeIMG_2216Freshly harvested spinach & chardIMG_2130 My #1 sunset companionIMG_2357 Baby maters in the gardenIMG_2383 Ancient earthen structuresIMG_2123Mini radishes that taste just as goodIMG_2190 My 12-week summer practice for unblocking creativityIMG_2212 Waterfalls in the desert
IMG_2359Summer drawing class IMG_2346Luscious lettuceIMG_2394Homemade two-ingredient pb & b ice creamIMG_2389

Last, but not least, vibrant cacti blooms

Happy Summer to you and yours ❤


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Lately

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Jenny!!!! I can just feel the joy and gratitude pouring through every pic. If you are able to notice all of this in your little corner of the world… you have everything you need! (as we all do 🙂 )

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